Case Study: Deep Sea Electronics Ltd

ESOS Report

Combining ESOS and SECR into a cost-effective package.


Deep Sea Electronics is a leading global designer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of industry leading electronic control systems. Specialising in control solutions for the generator market, vehicle and off-highway machinery, automatic transfer switch applications and industrial battery chargers, the company has gone from strength to strength since it was established in 1975. As a business with more than 200 employees which operates across multiple countries, they were faced with a significant challenge when ESOS was introduced in the UK.

The Challenge

ESOS requires all large undertakings in the UK to undergo assessments of energy use and energy efficiency opportunities. It came into effect in 2015 and companies like Deep Sea Electronics which met the qualification criteria had to comply. However, the new regulations required ESOS compliance programmes to be signed off by an accredited Lead Assessor which meant the majority of large businesses had to outsource to the experts.

Moreover, ESOS is not a one-time thing – and businesses within scope must be ready for multiple phases. In addition, the company also met the SECR regulations and therefore had to consider how to comply with SECR in each end-of-year accounting period.

The challenge faced was therefore clear: how could Deep Sea Electronics meet ESOS and SECR compliance requirements in a cost-effective manner?

The Results

When first contacted, we were able to offer a competitive ESOS quote delivered quickly, but also offer our insight and expertise towards future requirements. Deep Sea Electronics found our initial work on ESOS to be “efficient and effective”. As a result of this, they selected Integral Energy UK Ltd to assist them with their SECR requirements.

We were able to offer a combined SECR and ESOS package to incorporate the first 4 compliance years of SECR and ESOS Phase 3 in 2023, whereby we could manage the SECR and ESOS requirements for Deep Sea Electronics in one comprehensive, cost-effective package that removed difficulty or worry for the client.

Commenting on our involvement, Dave Hartley of Deep Sea Electronics Ltd said: “DSE has recently recruited Integral Energy again to assist with the new Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) requirements, that are now a mandatory requirement for the annual accounts of the business.”

“The Integral Energy proposal to link the annual SECR and future ESOS Phase 3 reports into a combined exercise, up to the year 2023, offered a cost-effective, labour-saving package that could not be ignored and cemented the working relationship between the two companies for the future.“

If your business requires assistance with either ESOS or SECR, contact us to see how Integral Energy can help you or offer a combined package of energy services that takes care of all of your energy reporting obligations.

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