How Electric Vehicles Can Help Your Company Reach Net-Zero

We’ve talked extensively on this blog about how your business can reduce your emissions and hit net-zero targets by implementing a target-driven strategy with help from the energy consultants at Integral Energy. So, in this piece, we’re going to talk about the role transport and travel have in this strategy.

Everything You Need to Know About ESOS Phase 3

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is entering Phase 3 later this year. ESOS is a compulsory government scheme for businesses of a certain size that aims to create and nurture sustainability and energy efficiency across all industries Keep reading this blog to find out more about whether your business qualifies for ESOS compliance and if it does, how to…

What is a Net Zero Building?

Businesses across the UK know that they must decarbonise to meet government targets and to operate in a more future-facing manner. While some continue to drag their heels, many are now looking at ways to reduce emissions and energy consumption. One such opportunity for many is the idea of a net zero building – whether you are constructing a new…

What Does It Mean to Be a Net Zero Business?

Every business owner should be aware of Net Zero, what it means and also have a plan to get there. Net Zero is an international effort to become carbon neutral by 2050. By achieving Net Zero status, a business shows that it emits ‘zero’ carbon (also called Co2e), aligning itself to global goals around sustainability and slowing climate change before…

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