Why use an Energy Efficiency Consultant?

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Energy is one of the biggest sources of wastage in any business. As the UK heads towards a more energy-efficient future, businesses must prioritise renewable power sources that do not end up costing them more in the long-term. Beyond that, your business must also seek to decarbonise its own activities as mandated by measures such as ESOS and SECR.

In general, the challenge you face in 2021 is to reduce your business’ reliance on fossil fuels and also reduce your energy consumption and GHG emissions that result from your activities.


That’s no easy task which is why you may find it advantageous to work with an energy efficiency consultant. An energy efficiency consultant acts as an extension to your team and as a third-party assessor for your business’ energy usage. A consultant monitors your energy consumption – using this in a similar fashion to financial data in order to devise insights and make recommendations towards saving energy and as a result, reducing cost.

Energy efficiency reporting is a key part of a consultant’s role. Following analysis of data and audits of your premises, businesses will receive reports and recommendations offering insight and advice. Crucially, a skilled energy-efficient consultant will ensure that this report is readable, understandable and has tangible actions to be taken.


What can an Energy Efficiency Consultant offer to your business?

Energy consultants can principally identify two key cost-saving areas: energy consumption and energy wastage. The two are similar, but where energy consumption can include matters such as reducing usage by good management practice and the introduction of more efficient appliances, energy wastage involves identifying unnecessary consumption for example out of hours usage and whether your business is actually properly using all of the energy it buys.

However, there’s more to energy efficiency than cost-savings, although there can be significant gains made in that regard. But in a more eco-conscious 2021, saving money isn’t enough – businesses are now obligated to have a corporate social responsibility approach that looks to decarbonise and reduce the impact it has on the planet.

As we mentioned, measures such as Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) and the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) are typical of legislation designed to achieve these aims.

A skilled energy efficiency consultant doesn’t just audit your net energy consumption – they will also advise on specific measures that can reduce it and also ensure that you are aware of any energy related legislation which can impact your business.

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Businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit heavily from reducing their carbon emissions and reducing their energy consumption. The Integral Energy business model was developed in conjunction with a background in finance, which makes our insight even more invaluable as it is directly driven towards the financial goals that matter most.

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