Minimum EPC Updates: Commercial Building Owners Be Aware

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Commercial building owners must take note of a new change to energy performance certificates for their buildings. Minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) are now in operation, meaning that non-domestic leases will be permitted only for buildings rated ‘B’ or above on the EPC rating by 2030.

For property owners, this means it’s time to upgrade your building’s energy performance rating now.

There are, however, a number of risks and opportunities to be aware of whether you’ve already achieved a B+ rating or not. These include:

  1. The new Part L building regulation changes will result in improvements to buildings that are heated electrically as opposed to with gas, as it will likely use a lower carbon factor for grid electricity (which is already lowered from 0.512 to 0.233).
  2. The way EPC ratings are generated may also be changed. We expect that the Reference or Target Emission Rate (TER) may be updated, making it more difficult for those buildings heated by gas to meet the minimum standard.
  3. Building owners must ensure all improvements are documented in O&Ms to reduce the usage of default values and achieve a better EPC rating.
  4. Buildings which cannot meet the minimum standard may be able to apply for exemptions if it can be proved that your building has reached its highest EPC rating that cost-efficient measures can deliver. This is not a permanent solution, however.


What this means for you

EPC ratings shouldn’t be an afterthought, yet many building owners do little to improve their rating until a change forces their hand. This upcoming change to minimum standards should not be seen as a target and instead, a building owner should look to implement changes which go above and beyond the B rating.

Not only will this approach help de-risk any future MEES standard updates, it will also lead to long-term cost savings as ultimately, the more energy efficient a building is the more likely it is to save on energy costs. In light of the UK’s commitment to Net Zero 2050 targets, all building owners should take improving their EPC ratings seriously.

Here at Integral Energy we can help you improve your EPC ratings through energy efficiency consultancy. We can help you to identify and implement energy-saving opportunities to ensure that you obtain a valid  EPC certificate rating for your building to facilitate letting. Essentially, this means we can offer a comprehensive energy efficiency management service for your properties which leads to reduced costs and increased efficiency. Contact us today to chat through your requirements.




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