Energy Consultancy Services

Energy Consultancy Services

Take control of your company’s environmental impact and work with the experts to become more energy efficient.

There are several commercial benefits in reducing energy consumption.

  • Competitive edge – through improved energy performance and compliance.
  • Demonstrate your ‘green credentials’ in tackling emissions and climate change.

Many organisations would like to save energy, but lack the expertise to do so – that’s where Integral comes in.

Some companies can achieve double-figure returns on investment with the right support and guidance from experts like us.

Ready to find out more about we can help you be more energy efficient? Get in touch today to book a consultation with one of our experts. Or keep browsing below to find out more about our service offering.

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What We Do

From ESOS reporting to bespoke consultancy, we can help you become a more energy-efficient and profitable company at the same time.

Tips and Advice from the Integral Team

We’re fascinated by everything energy. Get tips, advice and our views on the latest in the energy industry on our blog.

Understanding the New Energy Bills Discount Scheme (EBDS) and How to Reduce Your Energy Costs With ESOS

The government has announced plans to switch out its Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) in favour of The Energy Bills Discount Scheme (EBDS). This isn’t just a change of name, however. In fact, the support for businesses facing high utility will likely reduce under the new scheme set to kick off on 1st April 2023. So, in this blog, we’ll…

What is an ESOS Lead Assessor And Why Do You Need One?

The Energy Savings and Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) is aimed at making energy audits mandatory for UK businesses of a certain size. Under ESOS legislation, all businesses meeting the following qualification criteria must carry out a compliance programme and produce a detailed audit of their energy usage: more than 250 employees. OR an annual turnover exceeding £44m+ and a balance sheet…

ESOS 2023 & Inflation: Beat the Price Increase Now!

Guarantee prices and reserve capacity for your ESOS Phase 3 compliance programme with Integral Energy today and beat the 2023 cost increases!  Benefit from the same outstanding service and rest easy knowing ESOS Phase 3 is in the diary for your organisation.  Many organisations are feeling the pinch as inflation is set to hit a 40-year high in 2023. Compounded…

New ESOS Phase 3 Requirements That Your Business Must Know

With energy prices soaring and increased public scrutiny on how the government addresses energy regulations and carbon emissions, there are signs that change is afoot across the entire sector. In a response to the BEIS’ consultation on strengthening the ESOS scheme, the government has outlined its decisions around key changes. Last month (July 2022), the government also announced that a…

How Electric Vehicles Can Help Your Company Reach Net-Zero

We’ve talked extensively on this blog about how your business can reduce your emissions and hit net-zero targets by implementing a target-driven strategy with help from the energy consultants at Integral Energy. So, in this piece, we’re going to talk about the role transport and travel have in this strategy.

How Your Organisation Can Save Energy (and Money) in 2022

In May 2022, the Prince of Wales laid out plans to prioritise “cheaper, cleaner and secure” energy in an effort to meet and exceed Net-Zero 2050 goals. Following last year’s COP26 Summit in Glasgow, it looks like all arrows are pointing towards supporting not just more sustainable energy sources, but also the most affordable ones. The UK government’s Energy Security…

Everything You Need to Know About ESOS Phase 3

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is entering Phase 3 later this year. ESOS is a compulsory government scheme for businesses of a certain size that aims to create and nurture sustainability and energy efficiency across all industries Keep reading this blog to find out more about whether your business qualifies for ESOS compliance and if it does, how to…

What is a Net Zero Building?

Businesses across the UK know that they must decarbonise to meet government targets and to operate in a more future-facing manner. While some continue to drag their heels, many are now looking at ways to reduce emissions and energy consumption. One such opportunity for many is the idea of a net zero building – whether you are constructing a new…

What Does It Mean to Be a Net Zero Business?

Every business owner should be aware of Net Zero, what it means and also have a plan to get there. Net Zero is an international effort to become carbon neutral by 2050. By achieving Net Zero status, a business shows that it emits ‘zero’ carbon (also called Co2e), aligning itself to global goals around sustainability and slowing climate change before…

SECR Deadline Missed?

The Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting scheme made it clear to large businesses that the government wants them to report on their emissions. However, due to the complexity of the calculations and a general sense of ambivalence around the initiative, many businesses failed to meet SECR guidelines in the allotted time frame. You should have filed SECR reports in your…

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