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At Integral Energy, we work closely with SMEs to understand and implement the SBTi Net Zero simplified pathway. From learning the basics about what Net Zero is and why it’s important all the way through to supporting businesses to implement strategies that drive tangible results.

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What is Net Zero?

Net Zero means creating a balance between the greenhouse gas emissions produced and those taken out of the atmosphere.

As long as the figure remains unbalanced, the planet will continue to heat and we will see even more issues brought on by climate change.

You may have heard “Net Zero 2050” which is a global challenge to reset the balance, and minimise the impact of climate change, as quickly as possible – no later than 2050.

2050 is not a target, so much as a last resort. The sooner we reduce our carbon emissions, the quicker we will start to see a positive impact upon the environment and limit the impact of any permanent damage caused by decades of industrial pollution.

Net Zero 2050 is a shared responsibility. And, as a business, you have a significant role to play in reducing your own impact on the environment and promoting a more sustainable world of future generations.

What is the Net Zero Standard?

Released in October 2021 by the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), the Net Zero Standard is the first global science-based standard to provide a robust approach for SMEs to set realistic and achievable Net Zero targets in line with climate science.

The Net Zero Standard is great for businesses like yours, as it gives us the methodology we need to effect real-world change.

Sick of going round in circles with Net Zero? Book a call with us and our consultant will talk you through the process and help you to implement the Net Zero Standard for your business.

Why should my business adopt Net Zero?

Net Zero is vital to the future of our planet… but if you need more convincing then here are some key benefits to committing to Net Zero:

  • enhanced brand reputation and credibility
  • competitive advantage in an evolving market
  • improved adaptability for future regulation
  • resource and energy efficiency resulting in lower utility costs
  • increased stakeholder confidence.

By making Net Zero a business priority, you are showing your clients, investors, supply chain leaders, shareholders and consumers that you are making the right choices and putting sustainability first.

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Net zero targets are not just here to stay – they’re getting more ambitious and the pressure on private businesses is mounting every year. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and start working towards Net Zero now.

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