ESOS 2023 & Inflation: Beat the Price Increase Now!

Guarantee prices and reserve capacity for your ESOS Phase 3 compliance programme with Integral Energy today and beat the 2023 cost increases! 

Benefit from the same outstanding service and rest easy knowing ESOS Phase 3 is in the diary for your organisation. 

Many organisations are feeling the pinch as inflation is set to hit a 40-year high in 2023. Compounded by rising energy costs, businesses across the country are under enormous pressure to find more sustainable and affordable energy systems. 

At times like these, it’s important to remain focused on your environmental goals to ensure a sustainable and affordable future for your organisation. For many large businesses, ESOS compliance must now be placed high on your list of priorities for 2023 and into the future. 

Over the last few years, we’ve seen immense changes in the market brought on by events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit, the effects of which can still be felt across many UK industries.  

Rising energy and fuel costs, alongside the increasing cost of labour, mean that business owners need to take stock now and look for savings where they can to make sure they continue to thrive next year.

One way to save money is to book your ESOS assessment now for 2023, this way, you’ll save on increased costs coming in the new year. So, if you’re ready to book your ESOS assessment, then get in touch with Integral Energy today, or keep reading to learn more about how the scheme works and how you can look to make big savings starting today.

How will inflation affect ESOS?

Running a business is, arguably, more expensive than ever before. Organisations are being hit with rising fuel and energy costs, and alongside the increased Living Wage, it’s important to find savings wherever possible.

According to recent data from Citi Bank, inflation is set to hit 18% in early 2023, with gas and electricity costs driving this rise. If this data is correct, then next year will see the highest inflation hike since oil shortages in 1976. There’s no escaping some price increases. However, there are certainly opportunities across your organisation to make small savings – all of which will add up to cost reductions if carried out correctly. 

In difficult economic times, often environmental initiatives can fall on the back burner. However, the opposite should be the case as many sustainability practices will help you to both save money and energy at the same time. Tackle inflation head-on by cutting costs at the source.

From opportunities identified via your energy audits to staff-led initiatives and flexible working, there are many ways to reduce the amount of energy your company uses. Want to learn more about saving money and energy in 2022 and beyond? Check out this blog article.

Get in touch with Integral Energy today to book, or visit our ESOS Compliance & Reporting page to dive deeper into the scheme. 


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