ISO-50001: Energy Management Systems

A management system developed by the International Organization for Standardization which establishes a framework for energy management best practices.

It can be used as an alternative method of demonstrating ESOS compliance to the Environment Agency.


The implementation of a world-class energy management system will help you to drive unnecessary cost out of your business.

Some of the best UK companies are accredited to ISO 50001, many report their savings which they attribute to it.

A certified ISO 50001 system is a route to ESOS Phase 3 compliance as long as certification is valid on 5th December 2023.

Adoption may become a pre-requisite to being in the marketplace for many companies.

If you already have processes in place for energy management through for example ISO 14001 you may be closer to ISO 50001 than you realise!

The current standard is: BS EN ISO 50001:2018

How Can We Help?

Our team can do as much or as little of the detailed work for you as you like.

For example:

  • ISO50001 gap analysis – a review of current energy performance against the desired future state to identify detailed activities to achieve ISO50001 certification.
  • Define the scope of activity and recommended management plan to implement.
  • Energy review – engineers to carry out technical site audits and recommend energy-saving opportunities with paybacks.
  • Energy baseline – recommend objectives and targets for a client, agree EnPI’s to be achieved and measured to demonstrate continuous improvement.
  • Energy training delivery for employees
  • Documentation of energy procedures and the main energy processes and activities and how they interact and collate into management energy policies.
  • Quality checks and review of final reports and policy documentation.
    Attendance at stage 1 and stage 2 certification audits.
    Carry out post-certification independent energy audits with ‘objectivity and impartiality’ to ensure that measures implemented are effective, and operating as planned

‘ISO50001 Lite’

Don’t want to incur the overhead cost of full accreditation?

Alternatively, you could implement an EnMS based on ISO 50001 principles and enjoy many of the benefits.

Contact us to discuss your first steps to the benefits of ISO 50001 certification

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